MEASUREMENTS: 1-17/32" by 2-3/8"

KEY CARDS: Oscar Charleston, Pop
Lloyd (2), Biz Mackey, Dick Lundy,
Cristóbal Torriente, José Méndez

DESCRIPTION: Often referred to as "2nd Series Aguilitas", this set was likely produced 2
years prior to its "1st Series" Aguilitas counterpart (see 1926-27 Aguilitas). One of the most
important Cuban sets, it is loaded with cards of American Negro Leaguers. In addition to
cards of HOFers Oscar Charleston and John Henry "Pop" Lloyd, this set contains the only
known cards of 2 potential future HOFers in Raleigh "Biz" Mackey and Dick Lundy. Mackey
only played one season in Cuba, 1924-25. Another future HOFer, Cristóbal Torriente, is
also in the set.

Printed on glossy photographic stock, the images on the cards are all portraits cropped
within a circle. Below the portrait is the player's last name with the words "Base Ball"
beneath it. That design created one of the great all-time baseball cards when John Henry
"Pop" Lloyd is inexplicably tagged "Joe" so that his card reads "Joe Base Ball". Perhaps that
is a fitting moniker for one of the game's true legends. Lloyd has two different cards in the
set, neither one getting his name right. The other calls him "Sam Lloyd".

The "Joe" card of Lloyd shows him in an Almendares hat. Oscar Charleston is also wearing
an Almendares hat on his card. So are Dick Lundy and Biz Mackey. Lundy played for
Almendares in the 1923-24 season, but the 1924-25 Almendares team was the only one
that featured all of these players together.

There are also cards of many other stars of the Negro Leagues including Dobie Moore,
Frank Duncan, Jesse Hubbard, and Clint Thomas as well as Cubans Pablo Mesa,
Eustaquio "Bombín" Pedroso, Valentín Dreke, and Esteban "Mayarí" Montalvo. Of course
the venerable Adolfo Luque is also in the set.

It appears that these were distributed in packs of "Aguilitas" brand cigarettes, likely meant to
be pasted into albums. Almost all cards that survive today do so because they were pasted
into albums that protected them from the island's climate. As a result, many cards have glue
stains or back damage from being removed from an album page. The set is part of a 900
card issue that includes movie stars, stage actors, showgirls, ballet dancers, soccer
players, boxers, and other subjects. The baseball players have been given numbers that
are consecutive, from 841 to 880,  along with 5 other cards numbering between 895 and

Other Negro Leaguers that played in Cuba during the 1924-25 season who could have had
cards in  this set include: Turkey Stearnes (HOF), Martín Dihigo (HOF), Bullet Joe Rogan
(HOF), Rats Henderson, Orville Riggins, Crush Holloway, Sam Streeter, Rube Zellers,
Oliver Marcelle, Bill Holland, Dave Brown, Frank Warfield, Eddie Douglass, Jelly Gardner,
Andy Cooper, and Newt Allen.
CHECKLIST (bold lettering = Major Leaguer):

841 Champion Mesa (Pablo "Champion" Mesa)
842 A. Marsans (Armando Marsans)
843 C. Torriente (Cristóbal Torriente)
844 Merito Acosta
845 Cheo Ramos
846 Joe (John Henry "Pop" Lloyd)
847 Rios (Matías Ríos)
848 Boada (Lucas Boada)
849 Mendez (José Méndez)
850 Dreke (Valentín Dreke)
851 Morin (Eugenio Morín)
852 Mayari (Esteban "Mayarí" Montalvo)
853 Dreke (Valentín Dreke)
854 Rojo (Julio Rojo)
855 Almeida (Rafael Almeida)
856 Palmero (Emilio Palmero)
857 Luque (Adolfo Luque)
858 Fabre (Isidro Fabré)
859 Cueto (Manuel Cueto)
860 Dibu (Pedro Dibut)
861 Cheo Ramos
862 Hubbard (Jesse Hubbard)
863 Kakin (Kakin González)
864 Fernandez (José María Fernández)
865 Henry (Snake Henry)
866 Cruje
867 Parrado
868 Dressen (Chuck Dressen)
869 Charleston (Oscar Charleston)
870 Sam Lloyd (John Henry "Pop" Lloyd)
871 McKey (Raleigh "Biz" Mackey)
872 P. Gonzalez (Papo González)
873 Thomas (Clint Thomas)
874 Moore (Dobie Moore)
875 Duncan (Frank Duncan)
876 O. Rodriguez (Oscar Rodríguez)
877 Lopito (José "Lopito" López)
878 Pedroso (Eustaquio "Bombín" Pedroso)
879 Lundy (Dick Lundy)
880 Sirike (Valentín "Sirique" González)
895 Tuero (Oscar Tuero)
897 Oms (Alejandro Oms)
898 Peter (Jess Petty)
899 Clark (Danny Clark)
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