MEASUREMENTS: 1-1/2" by 2-7/16"

KEY CARDS: Cristóbal Torriente,
José Méndez, Alejandro Oms

DESCRIPTION: Part of a 1,000 card issue, these cards were inserted into "Nacionales" brand
cigars. There are 10 groups of 100 cards numbered 1 to 100. Each group's numbering is
prefaced with a letter, A through J. Other topics include actors, nudes, bathing beauties, etc.
There is an album that the cards were meant to be pasted into. Baseball players are all
prefaced with the letter "C" and number consecutively from 21 to 60. Printed on photographic
stock, they are similar to the Aguilitas Segundas (many of the images are the same) but with
black borders. The names and numbers are on the front of the cards in a handwritten script.

10 cards have the pictures horizontally, which seems to add to their eye appeal. They are
cards C-36 to C-40 and C-56 to C-60. The set features 2 cards of umpires and 1 card of a
mascot (possibly a batboy). Cards C-15 and C-19 also feature baseball players but they are
amateurs and not considered part of the set. It is possible the cards were distributed over more
than one year.

Except for American Negro Leaguers Andy Cooper and Red Ryan, the set features only Cuban
players. One of the more interesting cards features legendary Cuban hurler José Méndez
whose nickname was "El Diamante Negro" which translates to "The Black Diamond". His card
reads "Mendez, El Diamante Negro".

C-21 Almeida (Rafael Almeida)
C-22 Fabre (Isidro Fabré)
C-23 Morin (Eugenio Morín)  
C-24 Oscar Rodríguez
C-25 Joséito Rodríguez
C-26 Papo González
C-27 J. Gutiérrez (photo is actually Cheo Ramos)
C-28 Dreke (photo is actually Lucas Boada)   
C-29 Fernandez (José María Fernández)
C-30 Cheo Ramos
C-31 Paito (Ramón "Paito" Hererra)  
C-32 Baro (Bernardo Baró)
C-33 Jose Cueto (José "Manuel" Cueto)   
C-34 Tuero (Oscar Tuero)
C-35 Kakin González
C-36 A. Marsans (Armando Marsans)
C-37 Cooper (Andy Cooper)  
C-38 A. Luque (Adolfo Luque)  
C-39 Guerra (Marcelino Guerra)   
C-40 Manzanillo (Tatica "Manzanillo" Campos)
C-41 Oscar Levis  
C-42 Abreu (Eufemio Abreu)  
C-43 Torriente  (Cristóbal Torriente)
C-44 Mirabal (Juanelo Mirabal)  
C-45 Merito Acosta  
C-46 Acostica (José "Acostica" Acosta)
C-47 Crespo (Rogelio Crespo)
C-48 Jacinto Calvo    
C-49 Palmero (Emilio Palmero)
C-50 Mendez, El Diamante Negro (José Méndez)
C-51 Oms (Alejandro Oms)  
C-52 Pedro Dibut   
C-53 Sirike (Valentín "Sirique" González)  
C-54 Magrinat  (umpire)
C-55 Rafael Quintana
C-56 B. Jimenez (Bienvenido "Hooks" Jiménez)  
C-57 Portuondo (Bartolo Portuondo)  
C-58 Chacon (Pelayo Chacón)
C-59 Riant (Red Ryan)
C-60 Perico El Mano (mascot)
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