MEASUREMENTS: 1-5/8" by 2-3/8"

KEY CARDS: Oscar Charleston, John
Henry "Pop" Lloyd, Cristóbal Torriente,
José Méndez, Oliver Marcelle,
Alejandro Oms, Dave Brown, Bill
Holland, Oscar "Heavy" Johnson

DESCRIPTION: This is the largest and one of the scarcest Cuban baseball card sets of the
1920's. It consists of 85 cards that were distributed in packs of "Tomás Gutiérrez" brand
cigarettes made by a tobacco company named "Díaz" (this company also produced a set from
the same time period containing only Major League pitchers).

Printed on typical baseball card stock, these have the closest resemblance to American cards of
any Cuban issue of the 1920's. They have a sepia tone to them and feature portraits of players
from each of the 4 teams (Santa Clara, Almendares, Habana, Marianao). The backs are
numbered and explain that there is also an album that contains all of the cards (it actually
contained all of the images printed on pages that look similar to team premiums). It is thought
that in order to receive this album, which was hardbound and very high quality, you had to first
collect the set. Once you completed the set you could then turn those cards in and receive the
album in exchange. Most likely, the cards were then thrown away by the company. As a result
the individual cards are much scarcer than the album which is itself exceptionally rare. Only a
handful of albums are known to exist.

It is interesting to note that the set contains two cards of
HOFer, Cristóbal Torriente. In Cuba it
was somewhat common for players to jump from team to team, even in the middle of a season.
Torriente began the 1923-24 season playing for  Habana and at some point switched to
Marianao. On card #62 he can be found as a member of the Habana team. This same image
was also used for his Aguilitas and Nacionales cards in those two sets respectively. But on card
#83 he is on Marianao, a card which features an image t
hat can only be found on this card and
in the Tomás Gutiérrez album mentioned earlier. The Marianao
Torriente card has also been
seen in a blank back version although it is unclear how or why it was produced, and whether or
not is a legitimate card.

The set also includes the only known cards of several star Negro Leaguers such as Oscar
"Heavy" Johnson and Willis "Pud" Flournoy. Flournoy's card has his name misspelled
"Floynocht."  Ironically, this is the only Cuban issue that does not misspell John Henry "Pop"
Lloyd's name.

Some of the images, such as Oscar Charleston or Oliver Marcelle, are unique and cannot be
found elsewhere. Others were later used in both the Nacionales and Aguilitas Segundas issues.
Mendéz, for example, has the same image on all 3 cards. The set contains 2 cards of umpires
as well as 3 cards showing the pennants of  Almendares, Habana and Marianao. Why there is
no pennant card for Santa Clara is anybody's guess.
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1. Agustin "Tinti" Molina
2. Julio Rojo
3. Frank Duncan
4. Eustaquio "Bombin" Pedroso
5. Dave Brown
6. Pedro Dibut
7. Rube Currie
8. Jose Mendez
9. Esteban "Mayari" Montalvo
10. Frank Warfield
11. Oliver Marcelle
12. Dobie Moore
13. Herman Matias Rios
14. Oscar Charleston
15. Alejandro Oms
16. Pablo "Champion" Mesa
17. Bill Holland
18. Oscar "Heavy" Johnson
19. Eugenio Morin
20. Snake Henry
21. Manuel Cueto
22. Jesse Hubbard
23. Kakin Gonzalez
24. Jose Maria Fernandez
25. Oscar Rodriguez
26. Lucas Boada
27. Eusebio "Papo" Gonzalez
28. Ramon "Paito" Herrera
29. Bernardo Baro
30a. Armando Marsans
30b. Rafael Almeida
31. Isidro Fabre
32. Oscar Fuhr
33. Valentin Dreke
34. Joseito Rodriguez
35. Jose "Cheo" Ramos
36. Willis "Pud" Flournoy
37. Oscar Tuero
38. Rafael Almeida
39. Almendares Bandera
40. Chuck Dressen
41. Don Brown
42. Merito Acosta
43. Ed Morris
44. Ernie Krueger
45. Pepin Perez
46. Harry McCurdy
47. Jose "Acostica" Acosta
48. Jacinto Calvo
49. Eddie Brown
50. Rosy Ryan
51. Rogelio Crespo
52. Joe Deberry
53. Art Phelan
54. Jess Petty
55. Jimmy Cooney
56. Hank Schreiber
57. E
milio Palmero
58. Marianao Bandera  
59. Bienvenido "Hooks" Jimenez
60. Buster Ross
61. Juanelo Mirabal
62. Cristobal Torriente
63. Oscar Levis
64. John Henry "Pop" Lloyd
65. Pelayo Chacon
66. Eufemio Abreu
67. Mack Eggleston
68. Tatica "Manzanillo" Campos
69. Rafael "Busta" Quintana
70. Merven "Red" Ryan
71. Danny Clark
72. Clint Thomas
73. Adolfo Luque
74. Marcelino Guerra
75. Bartolo Portuondo
76. Andy Cooper
77. John Bischoff
78. Edgar Wesley
79. Habana Bandera
80. Hector Magrinat
81. Valentin "Sirique" Gonzalez
82. Slim Love
83. Cristobal Torriente (Marianao)
85. Jakie May
* The back of this card featuring Slim
Love reads: "82 corresponde al 58-A"
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