Quite possibly the only
baseball cards produced by a
powdered milk company. They
even produced an album [
, back cover] to put the
cards in.

This blank-backed issue also
offered the opportunity to win
prizes if you were the lucky
owner of a card with one of
these stamps on the reverse.

Roughly 1% to 2% of cards
that have surfaced thus far
have one of these rare backs.
BASEBALL (individual players): 180
In Action): 144
BASKETBALL (In Action): 34
BOXING (Individual Boxers): 18
BOXING (In Action): 18
           TOTAL CARDS: 394

About 1-11/16" by 2-1/2"

Sam Bankhead, Barney Brown, Raymond
Brown, Willard Brown, Perucho Cepeda,
Francisco Coimbre, Leon Day, Tetelo Vargas

CHECKLIST (incomplete):
Alberto Alberdeston
Jaime Almendro
Yiyo Alonso
Tite Arroyo
Joe Atkins
Eugene Baker
Dan Bankhead
Sammy Bankhead
Ramon Bayron
Rafael Blasini
Bob Boyd
Roger Breard
Stan Breard
Barney Brown
Raymond Brown
Willard Brown
Jose A Burgos
Joe Buzas
Luis R. Cabrera
Rafael Casanovas
N. Zurdo Castro
Perucho Cepeda
T. Gomez Checo
Buster Clarkson
Francisco Coimbre
Eugene Collins
Monchile Concepcion
Charlie Corin
Herminio Cortfu
Johnny Cox
George Crowe
George Crowe
Jim Davis
Johnny Davis
Piper Davis
Leon Day
Jack Dittmer
Verdes Drake
S. Federico
Dumbo Fernandez
Les Fusselmann
Felipe Garcia
Jim Gilliam
Faelo Gonzalez
Gely Goyco
Roy Hughes
Pachy Irizarry
Indian Jimenez
Sam Jones
Walter Judnich
Russ Kearns
Billy Klaus
Jim Lamarque
Red Lynn
Bob Malloy
Clifford Mapes
Canena Marquez
Achin Matos
Benny Meyers
Henry Miller
Oscar Mir Flores
Gallego Munoz
Earl Naylor
Ernest Nevel
Don Nicholas
John O'Donell
Guayuvin Olivo
Miguel Payano
Miguel Payano
Les Peden
Juan Perez
Palomo Perez
Dave Pope
Milton Ralat
Enrique Reinoso
Roberto Rivera
Julio Rodriguez
Joe Rossi
Miguel Rueda
Ramon Salgado
Juan Sanchez
Jose G. Santiago
V. Scarpatte
Jose Seda
Barney Serrell
Al Smith
Jose St. Clair
Tetelo Sterling
Russ Sullivan
Lonnie Summers
Jim Tabor
Bert Thiel
Bob Thurman
Tiant Tineo
Gilberto Torres
Manuel Traboux
Joe Tuminelli
Jose L. Velazquez
Ben Wade
Johnny Williams
Marvin Williams
Artie Wilson
Pedrin Zorrilla

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